Community Firewood Program Updates

The Community Firewood Program is a collaboration between the Energy Fair, Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Emergency Firewood Project.  We created this program to meet the following objectives: 

  • more efficient use of our local resources 
  • stimulate sustainable economic development 
  • create new jobs & work-trade opportunities
  • support buying locally
  • increase the supply that is available to families in need of heating support 

Purchase Firewood
Families who can afford to buy cords of firewood at full price will be helping to subsidize the program and ensure that we have a continual stock on hand through those cold winter months for NHN to distribute to families in need.  A world of thanks to all of the clients who purchased firewood to kick start this program.

NOTE : the current firewood we have for sale is green & still needs to be seasoned! We won’t have anything dry to sell again until next summer.

We have a limited # of cords that can be offered with a work-trade situation.  Ability to run chainsaws, hydraulic log-splitters, hauling firewood or hand splitting, loading and stacking of firewood necessary to apply for this opportunity. 

Emergency Free Firewood
If you are in need of financial assistance to purchase firewood AND you are not physically able to do manual work, you can apply for the Emergency Free Firewood from NHN.  Please consider offering volunteer hours for other projects that do not include heavy physical labor. Please contact Mary Lowers at 719-256-4185 or

Volunteer/Community Service
We also have spaces for people who would like to volunteer to help us collect, process and deliver wood and offer opportunities to fulfill community service agreements through the courts and restorative circle contracts.  

For more information on this program please contact Lisa Bodey at 719-480-5925 or