Crestone Thanksgiving 2020

Hello Crestone, this year’s Thanksgiving will see a drastic, but necessary change.  We have been holding our breath throughout the year in the hopes that the situation would change enough that we would be able to host Thanksgiving as usual in the charter school. This is unfortunately not the case,  as the charter school is not permitting the public to enter the school. As a result we have had to look for alternative venues and ways to facilitate this local tradition. Last year an informal poll was conducted and we found that over 100 people attendees would otherwise not enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, if it were not for the one provided by this community. With this knowledge, it is unacceptable in our eyes to give up and just wait till next year. Instead we have worked diligently with the Little Shepherd on the Hill Episcopal Church as well as the Crestone Mercantile and Neighbors Helping Neighbors to bring you a revised format for this year‘s Thanksgiving celebration.  We will host a  “to go“ meal at the Little Shepherd on the Hill Parish Hall, whereby from 8 AM to noon on Saturday, November 21 we will have intake of dishes, and then from 1 PM to 5 PM we will distribute to-go containers of Thanksgiving meals. Meals will include regular, vegan, and gluten-free options. We will once again need volunteers to cook turkeys, as well as to help us sort and serve the food received.  This will also be a fundraiser for Neighbors Helping Neighbors.   It is our hope that this is the only year that we will have to do it this way, as we know that this will be difficult logistically but hope that you will still participate and bring the joy and beauty that Thanksgiving stands for to this event. All workers will be utilizing strict protective gear for the maximum benefit of the community. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday November 21. The Crestone Energy Exchange, a year-round extension of the Crestone Energy Fair, will be facilitating this project. For more information, please visit our website at or call or text Nick Nevares at 719.480.9384. 

Signed the Crestone Energy Exchange