Community Firewood Program: Education Day & Cookout!

Sunday, November 14

19850 Camino del Oro East (home of Crestone Energy Fair)

Huge thanks to all the folks that helped buck up all of the firewood for the Community Firewood Program 2021-2022: Skip Patterson, Tommy Lyle, Jason Irwin, Tony Cannata, Paul Grice, Taylor Shplettit, Jeff Winsett & Dave Jacuk and to Donovan Spitzman for being their ringleader (This group is kind of like a circus).
Thank you to Lisa Bodey and Mary Lowers for their overall project management efforts.

We will host a community cookout and education day on Sunday, November 14 to start wood splitting. Come out and learn chainsaw basics, how to split wood, heating with wood and the always popular wood splitting contest with prizes and stuff.

Pete Van Horn & Matt Evers- 2020 Wood Splitting Contest Winners