The Crestone Energy Exchange was formed to coordinate programs, opportunities and events that support regenerative living and collaboration and connection amongst community groups.  The first project this group initiated is the Community Firewood Program which is a collaboration between the Crestone Energy Fair, Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Emergency Firewood Project.  We have also begun working with Crestone Creative Trade, The Town of Crestone and NHN to reopen the Free Box. Our latest project is Mindful Land Use Solutions to address proposed changes to Saguache County’s Land Use Development Codes. You can read more about these initiatives on this website.

The Energy Fair
The Crestone Energy Fair is an annual event highlighting innovative and visionary energy, building, and human relation’s technologies while networking the skill sets and resources of local, regional and global communities who practice regenerative and whole systems design.

The Crestone Energy Exchange extends the vision and mission of the energy fair to a year round energy exchange of ideas, goods and services!