Crestone Freebox Guidelines

What DO we take?

  • Clean, gently used clothing for men, women & children
  • Small kitchen appliances and household items                           
  • Books, magazines, CD’s, etc. 
  • Children’s toys, games, etc.
  • Office supplies
  • Artwork, Jewelry
  • Tools & small construction supplies
  • Other small items that are not broken, dirty or inappropriate (remember children use this space)

What DON’T we take?

  • Mattresses, large furniture (couches, chairs, desks, etc.)
  • Electronics that need recycling – large TV’s, computers, etc.
  • Underwear (unless it is new with a tag on it)
  • Dirty, ragged, torn, stained, or wet clothes
  • Food (we are in bear country- fed bears are dead bears) – Drop off human & pet food at Crestone Food Bank – 182 E. Galena ; Wednesdays ONLY from 9am-Noon 
  • Greasy, broken auto parts
  • Single shoes
  • Bad pillows 
  • No chemical-based light bulbs 
  • Guns, Drugs or illegal items
  • Insecticides or other chemicals
  • USED makeup and beauty products /OPENED supplements, vitamins, etc.
  • Any other items that just don’t make sense or are dangerous to children

What CAN you take?

  • Any items that you need, want or feel you can use.  
  • Empty boxes or plastic bags 

What CAN’T you take?

PLEASE do not take any of our items that help us to organize the space.

  • Hangers, Organizing bins
  • Trash Cans/Trash Bags
  • Other infrastructure items of the Freebox

How to use the Freebox with respect!

  • The Freebox is a COMMUNITY RESPONSIBILITY – please help clean, organize and rearrange items
  • Sort and stock any items you bring & organize by the labels and categories. Do not drop off bags & boxes and expect someone else to do it for you.
  • The dumpster & trash can are here for cleaning the Freebox. DO NOT bring household trash to dump here.
  • Cleaning – please wipe off shelves from dirt & dust 
  • Bulletin Boards 

    Top – for organizers only

    Bottom – for community posts on the following:

  1. Photos/info about items that are too large for Freebox that are FREE
  2. Other Items for barter, trade, free
  3. Events, projects, programs that are related to reducing consumption, recycling goods, closing waste stream loops

Freebox Information



To Volunteer: